AdSynergy is building a community of advertisers and publishers with the goal of producing greater value from on-line ad placements for both parties.

AdSynergy provides a web platform (SasS application) where advertisers and publishers can discover each other, communicate, negotiate, monitor, deliver ads and receive payment. In a few words an "ad space social marketplace". Our goal is to help advertisers and publishers realize greater value, through ads that are well matched to the audience. Unlike conventional ad networks, AdSynergy allows publishers and advertisers to directly negotiate advertising deals with each other.

You make the deals, we deliver the ads and the payments.

AdSynergy Platform Features

The AdSynergy platform is in rapid development using a RAD/Low code environment. We are currently seeking advertisers and publishers to suggest and test features and provide feedback. We would love your input. Please suggest a feature you would like to see in the AdSynergy platform, and/or vote on features others have suggested. We are not looking for a long list, but key features that would help make this a viable platform for you. Future Features (You must be signed in to view, vote and add features.), Networking Advertisers & Publishers
The Ad Space Social Marketplace