About Us



About Us

AdSynergy is building a community of advertisers and publishers with the goal of producing greater value from on-line ad placements for both parties.

AdSynergy provides a web platform (SasS application) where advertisers and publishers can discover each other, communicate, negotiate, monitor, deliver ads and receive payment. In a few words an "on-line ad space marketplace". Our goal is to help advertisers and publishers realize greater value, through ads that are well matched to the audience. Unlike conventional ad networks, AdSynergy allows publishers and advertisers to directly negotiate advertising deals with each other.

You make the deals, we deliver the ads and payments.


AdSynergy is free to sign up and make deals. In the future we will charge a transaction fee. Beta 1. members will be eligible for significant discounts beyond the Beta 1. period. The price advertisers pay and publishers receive is negotiated between the buyers and sellers.


AdSynergy welcomes all advertisers and publishers. We do not assume, like many ad networks, that a high quantity of ad space implies high quality ad space. We provide the tools for advertisers and publishers easily find partners that match their criteria and engage each other.

AdSynergy Platform

The AdSynergy platform is in rapid development using a RAD/Low code environment. We are currently seeking advertisers and publishers to test and suggest features and provide feedback.

Why AdSynergy

We believe that good ads for good products benefit consumers by helping them to solve a problems or achieve goals.
The challenge for online advertisers and publishers is presenting ads where they positively reflect on eachother's image. AdSynergy allows advertisers and publishers to connect with publications and products respectively, that enhance their brand. AdSynergy enables deals where the advertiser knows the publication and page placement of their ads and the publisher knows what ads and media are being displayed.

How AdSynergy Works



AdSynergy Target Market

AdSynergy currently services smaller advertisers and smaller publishers. In market speak, AdSynergy is focused horizontally on the long-tail/green-field on-line ad space market. We enable and serve transactions which were very difficult to do before our platform was available. For example: ad trading within a business improvement area, where a group of companies will advertise each other.

AdSynergy is Not

An advertising agency, we don't create ad copy, offer strategic advice or make advertising deals. That's up to you. We invite advertising agencies to use our platform to help their clients get the most value for their investment.

An ad pipeline, we do not provide ad streams to publishers or directly offer ad space to advertisers. The good news (and the bad news) is that you make the deals for ads to be placed in ad spaces yourself. We provide the tools to help make that happen as easily and efficiently as possible.

A Brokered Ad Network we don't act as an ad broker (intermediary). We let buyers and sellers broker their own deals. We expect this to result in better ad placements that provide both parties greater value.

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