AdSynergy is building a community of advertisers and publishers with the goal of producing greater value from on-line ad placements for both parties. We are currently in the process of formulating our policies and making them public.

Cookie Policy

AdSynergy currently makes critical, but minimal use of cookies. This means to use AdSynergy you must allow us to use cookies, but we will not store any personal activity or information in the cookie. Here is an example of the what we store:
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Privacy Policy


Access Policy

AdSynergy is privately held ad platform and we reserve the right to allow, or not allow, access to the platform. The following is a list of some of the activities no permitted on our platform:

Privacy Policy

AdSynergy is a privately owned platform made available to the public for communication about ads and ad space. Since there are very few restrictions (assume none) on who can join AdSynergy and "members" can view much of your ad, ad space and profile information, it is essentially public.

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