Definitions and Terms

Ad Set

Ad Set: An Ad Set is one or more ads that the advertiser wants to group for the purpose of placement. All ads in an ad set must all be of the same size. This is the basic unit for ad placement.

Ad Campaign: An Ad Campaign is a set of ads, defined by the advertiser that promote product or brand. These ads may be different sizes and media types.

Ad Slot: A Slot is set of advertisement spaces/spots (see ad spots) on a publisher site that are grouped together for sale. The naming and placement of slots is up to the individual publishers (one restriction follows). A slot is a single size, but may include multiple media types. The one restriction is that a specific slot may only appear once on a single page. The slot can appear on as many pages as desired. Example: A publisher defines a slot: Top-Center-Banner of size 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels high, and of media types text, HTML, SVG, image and video. They can then place any ads of matching size and media in that slot space.

Ad Placement: An Ad Placement is and agreement between an advertiser and publisher to display an ad set in one or more ad slots on the publisher web site. As part of the placement agreement the publisher and advertiser agree to a maximum impression or click count, the display dates and price.

Publication: A web site offering ad space., Networking Advertisers & Publishers
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