#RebuildLocal Ad Swap Program

To help local business get online traffic and generate revenue, AdSynergy is launching a FREE AD SWAP service.

With reduced foot traffic, online traffic is now more important to generating business revenue than ever. With many small business going online for the first time and those already online trying even harder to attract viewers the competition for attention is tougher than ever. Ad swaps can help increase traffic and convert that traffic to sales.

Here are some answers to questions we expect some business owners will have:

What will I need?

Do I need "professional" ad copy?

Your ads are entirely up to you. The bulk of Internet advertising uses simple text ads and that is a good place to start. If you want to make more "ad like" ads there are free and paid online ad builders.

I have a web guy/gal, do I need to use them every time I change an ad?

No. They need to put a bit of code (which we provide) on your web-site wherever you want to place an ad. After the code is installed you use AdSynergy to run the ads you want in that space. (And yes, you can run your own ads on your own web site and change them up without involving your web guy every time. Want to post a daily special? Not a problem.)

Can I have more than one (1) ad swap partner?

Yes. However many partners works for you. Swap ads with as many as you like. Get your BIA or Chamber involved. Promote them, they promote you (we call it stronger together for a reason).

What else do I need to do to get this to work?

Ad swapping alone is not likely going to provide all the traffic you need to be successful. You will need to promote your business with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and local media, and so will your ad swap partners. Combined With good media promotion, ad swapping can help you meet your revenue targets.

You think I should run ads for other retailers on my site? What?

Yes. We get that running general ads on a retail web site makes no sense. It just provides clutter, detracts from the web site and will not deliver revenue. However we think running strategic ads with your BIA and other local complementary business can foster community and benefit all parties.

Here are some examples:

Any tips to get started with ad swapping?

Yes. Start by running run your own ads on your own site to get familiar with the platform. This is also free. This is an excellent way to communicate information that changes frequently to your customers. Have a daily special, or a weekly sale, a change in hours or rules? Put them in an "ad" and then chenge them up as needed, without touching your website.

Any other tips?

Yes. Partner as often as you can. Example: A pizza shop makes heart shape pizza and partners with a chocolate store and a florist to provide home delivered Mother's Day gift service. Brilliant! With the #RebuildLocal program they can all run the same ad on their respective sites.



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