The AdSynergy Blog: Our First Blog

Welcome to the AdSynergy Blog!

As this is our First Blog Post let us introduce ourselves, the purpose of this blog and how these topics may be able to help your organization. The blog is intended to help people in organizations (business, not for profit, BIA, Chamber of Commerce, professional association, charity, little league …) that communicate information on the web.

AdSynergy’s goal is to help your organization publish curated content more easily, quickly and often and ultimately more effectively. Supporting that goal is a content server and a web application. The web app facilitates using AdSynergy in different contexts including publishing your own content on your own website, swapping content between websites, and buying and selling space for content.

This blog will address topics in the digital marketing and advertising space, but comes at if from a strategic business point of view, relating content delivery to business strategy. We believes we can be smarter as a group, and this blog will share some of your stories of how you worked with other businesses to make you both stronger.

We hope this blog is of interest to anyone that publishes a website, or wants to place content on a website. If you have a business, a blog, a news, an association or charity web site, we can help you serve content more easily, more quickly, often more widely and ultimately more effectively to increase your sales and revenue.

The obvious question then is why? Why would you want us serving content to your website?

Many websites require the intervention of a web master to make any changes to the site and this takes time and money. If you have a daily special, a weekly sale, or a quick notice that you want to put out this is often difficult, expensive and time consuming.

How AdSynergy makes serving new content quick and easy. Update your site with fresh content as often as you would like. A few clicks, add your new content, and it will show up on your website immediately.

Future Blog Topics

Businesses Working Together We hope this will be an ongoing topic with businesses sharing how they worked together to help each other.

The AdSynergy Origin Story

OK, we know we are not super heros, but everyone has a story, here is ours.

The original impetus to provide this service came out of some negative experiences as a web publisher.

One experience was I had a publication that I ran ads from one of the major ad servers. Not long after beginning the publication I was fired by the ad server for faking clicks, which I was not doing. There was no recourse to review what had happened. In fact they would not pay the money which they had owed me before the event. There were two lessons for me ; 1. My revenue was entirely at the whim of the ad server and could be taken away at any time. 2. A hacker could easily fake clicks on my site and get me fired (which I assume is what happened).

A second experience was using a banner ad trading site. Back in the day these were popular, but as I quickly learned, not very useful. The basic premise is I show x banner ads served by the banner site and they show a smaller number of my ads on other sites. The cost is the differential in impressions. The catch is there was no control over what sites my ads showed on, or what sites showed on mine. My content was targeted at users in Canada & the U.S. and most of my ads, it turned out, were running in Viet Nam. Not the least bit helpful. And don’t get me started on the cr*% banners displayed on my site.

Beyond a couple of bad experiences with ad servers, as a web user I am discouraged by the poor quality of the advertising on many sites I visit. I have to believe that publisher would want to curate the advertising on their sites to make sure it is on brand and relevant to site visitors. I also think advertisers would appreciate better curated web sites and also the opportunity to choose the specific sites they advertise on. For publishers, advertisers and users win, win, win.

And then 2020 happened… So we had built an ad server, along with a web app to access the features for buying and selling ad space while providing control to both publishers and advertisers. But realized it could be used for much more than ads. It could serve content of any sort. It could be used by business to easily publish content to their own website. It could be used by pairs or groups of businesses to promote each other, promote their BIA or CoC, by business to promote charities and much more. So we are pivoting to help businesses recover from 2020. We are starting with a Free ad swap program that allows business to promote each other. We are currently rolling it out to all business that can benefit from ad swapping. We are considering following it up with programs to help charities and a program specifically designed to help BIAs.


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