The Vogue Effect

Review: Randall Rothenberg & the Vogue Effect.

Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB talks about the Vogue Effect (recent video, see below) and provides key takaways for digital marketers. We could not have described the digital marketing challenge better. Definitely worth watching the this short presentation (Rothenberg video).

Here is a summary of his presentation and how can help achieve a great user experience.

His premise is both simple and powerful, if you want to fight ad blockers, provide users with ads they want to see. Provide them with a great user experience built from bridging great content and great ads. Don't weigh the pages down with heavy/slow in your face ads (see our earlier blog).

Rothenberg calls it the Vogue effect, we call it Ad Synergy.

Here are his top take-aways:

  1. Great user experience are created by both the content and advertising. Rothenberg calls this the Vogue Effect
  2. Lesson 1: People love great editorial content. Content assembled with intelligence and passion.
  3. Lesson 2: People love great advertising, if it serves and stimulates them by being relevant in the moment. Virtuous circle between great content and great advertisements.
  4. Lesson 3: Great content and great ads combine to create a great user experience.
  5. Users are tired of pages loading slowly, cluttered pages. The user's answer is ad blockers.
  6. The bridge between publishers and advertisers is the use experience.

We realize the big on-line players (like Vogue) have legions of staff and years of experience to help them achieve the level of synergy between program content and ad content that they do. In the case of Vogue, much of their program content is about their advertisers, so the lines are blurry to start with.

Here is how the platform can help achieve Publication-Advertising Synergy (aka the Vogue Effect).

The bottom line is AdSynergy gives both Advertisers and Publisher complete control over ad content and placement. That control is the foundation for Ad Synergy and a great user experience, aka the Vogue Effect.


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